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Just Playing Around

Lately I've been just playing around with the possibilities of 3D modelling figures. I drew a locomotive footplate (I'm only really interested in the parts that the figures would touch or interact with) and put some figures in it. Not many fit in a Terrier but the same principle would apply to any prototype I could get plans for. I can pose the figures to fit in any position around the cab. These will probably be a set of two drivers and two firemen in different scales, with separate heads and arms for 1/87 scale and larger. It made me realise how low you have to go to get coal in the firebox!

The early Victorian figures (10 standing and 10 seated) have all been 3D printed in 5 different scales and arrived back here in physical form. So I now have 100 figures to make suitable as master figures and have moulds made. Hopefully it's not too long before they are on sale.

My recent 110mm commission of Johan Olof Wallin for Tradition Scandinavia has now been manufactured and the finished result is shown here. Thanks to Magnus Lindstrom for the photo. This figure was for a foundation in Stockholm which grants scholarships to young people.

Mark R Denekas sent me some great photos of his wonderful 'Devils Tower Wyoming' Railroad layout in which he has used some of my figures. He gave permission for me to use his photos here.


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