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Andrew C Stadden Pewter Sculpture

Figures, Animals, Vehicles, Jewellery

As the youngest son of Charles Stadden, the well known military sculptor and artist, I had grown up surrounded by oil paintings, watercolours and sculpture, all researched with meticulous accuracy.

After completing an engineering degree, and working in industry for three years I decided in 1987 that my life should take a different course.

I resigned from my position and began to learn all I could about sculpture from my father in order to pursue a career as a freelance patternmaker.

As well as making figures in a similar way to my father, I started to make patterns of animals, railway locomotives, aeroplanes, cars, ships and military vehicles. I also became experienced in working for jewellery manufacturers.

I work to commission for many parts of the giftware market, and I sell an expanding range of model figures from this website. The sheer variety of work I am asked to produce provides a constant challenge, from research into the subject to the technical aspects of making a pattern suitable for casting.


All the master parts I make are carved directly into pewter. I do not use plasticines or resins. This means that I can easily send the finished pieces to my customers by post, ready for use in making vulcanised rubber moulds.​

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