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Thank you to everyone who purchased sets OO9 and OO10 on pre-order, this really does help get some of the initial costs covered quickly and makes life a bit easier. All the pre-orders have now been sent out, I hope you like the extra figures.

OO9 and OO10 will become HO9 and HO10 early in the New Year. I do them in that order because I create the master sculpts for the HO versions from OO castings, and I get better results cutting them down in size than the other way round. While OO is most popular in the UK, HO is used in the rest of the world so it makes a lot of sense for me to do both.

The OO Edwardian drivers with separate arms and heads have not been forgotten and are still planned to be on sale before Christmas. The separate arms have taken some time to prepare as I need a lot of them to fill a mould!

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