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Happy New Year!

Now that all the Christmas madness is in the past I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all my customers.

I should be completely up to date with all the orders for the new OO9 to OO13 sets early next week, at the moment there are only a couple I didn't manage to send out either before or during the holiday period. It was pretty hectic to say the least, and thanks to all of you who ordered the new sets.

I didn't manage to complete the new 2mm Edwardian seated passengers, and this is now a priority for January, along with converting OO9 to OO13 to become HO9 to HO13.

I have also recently been involved with a project to sculpt a character figure and document the process for a magazine (you may have seen something about it on twitter) so hopefully more on that in the near future.​

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