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Hopes and Aspirations

Some of the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that, since a few weeks ago, my website now looks a little different. After redoing the whole shebang last October, I found out that my website host was going to disappear in March 2017, so it meant doing the whole thing once again!

This also has had the beneficial side effect of meaning I am no longer limited to 100 spaces in my online shop, so everything 1/43 is once more on sale, as well as painted figures.

There are still a few bugs to sort out with this incarnation of the website, but the shop is all working well, and a number of purchases have been made successfully!

I have had a fair bit of commissioned work to do so HO9, HO10, 2mm3 and 2mm4 have been held up for a while, although there is not a lot left to do to complete them, and I hope to finish them very soon.

Recent suggestions have been 1930s 1/43 mothers with babies, perambulators, children and shoppers. Also 1/43 passengers reading newspapers, standing and sitting. Any interest out there? Please let me know.

Chris Nottage

I am still very interested in the 1860s figures sitting down. I know that there has been a suggestion of servants, which would be useful and no wargamming manufacturer I can find does the pre khaki home uniform, the one with the scarlet jacket and black hat with the spike, or a glengarry, preferably without weapons although marching is a possibility.

Reply by Andy Stadden

Thanks Chris, I hope to do 1860s seated figures after HO9, HO10, 2mm3 and 2mm4

Sorry for not answering directly, but the blog comments bow was connected to facebook but as I am not on facebook anymore I couldn't reply to it! One of the things I still need to sort out

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