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85mm Stadden Figures

Despite the 10 years or so since my late fathers 85mm figures were last in production, there is still tremendous interest in them.

I have been asked recently which of the range were my own sculpts, so here is the official list (for Bullers Plc and Toye Kenning and Spencer) although there were also several alterations/conversions and vehicles/weapons in the same period.

In the main range -

213 Churchill, 214 Montgomery, 215 Eisenhower, 216 Patton, 217 De Gaulle,

218 Roosevelt, 219 Henry VIII, 0286 British Infantryman Iraq 2003

0296 RAF Pilot 2003, 0291 Lt Royal Navy 2003

Other private orders -

Policeman, Richmond-Virginia Police Dept 1994

Lord Mayor of Westminster

Unfinished WW2 Chess Set

Hitler, Himmler

The Officer 95th Rifles 1811 in the photos was made for the private collection of a relative, and I made a copy for myself. It has never been in production.

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