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All Aboard!

It's ages since my last blog post, so here's a little of the things I've been up to.

First of all here are the 1/152 Titanic crew, Captain Smith on the left. They are part of a bespoke order including a load of passengers, all painted figures. In this scale Titanic is around 1.76m long so the finished model will be spectacular, I look forward to seeing photos!

They will be available for sale in the near future, and will also be great for converting into my upcoming Edwardian railway platform staff set.

A few years ago I had a spell learning a 3D drawing programme, but didn't get as far as having anything 3D printed. That is all changing and a burst of 3D activity has resulted in my first 3D print, which is a base for an 85mm figure of Napoleon. Here the metal version of the printed base is under a part painted casting of the new figure, for a project in conjunction with my cousin, John Stadden.

The ultimate aim is of course to produce figures with this technology, and I have also been making progress on this front. My son Damien designs computer games (a third generation Stadden figure sculptor, with virtual figures), and is able to help his Dad if needed!

My next 3D project is a Victorian dog cart, seen partially completed. The advantage is I only have to draw half of it once, then, with minor alterations, it can be printed in any scale. Watch this space!

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