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Merry Christmas!

Thanks to the many who ordered from my webshop over the last few weeks. I did get everything in the post, (except for one order for painted figures where there was simply no time for me to finish them). Whether they arrive in time is now up to the Royal Mail.

Unfortunately I didn't have any new items for sale this time, partly due to

teaching myself all the new fangled 3D drawing stuff, and also building a new workshop, which will make life a lot easier.

I have had the horse cart 3D printed in 1/152 scale, but not yet had the chance to get it into production in pewter. It will appear in all the model railway scales I normally do, but I need to sculpt a suitable horse for it first.

My first attempt at drawing a head went surprisingly smoothly. Considering the scales I normally sculpt in it should work well, and the method will easily lend itself to making likenesses of well known characters as I have done in the past. I'm not sure what Dad would have made of it but my son is keeping a close eye on what I'm up to as he designs computer games for a living!

Hopefully the new methods will bring a burst of productivity in 2018.

Finally, I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for showing an interest in what I do.

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