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Always Lots to Do!

I have been working for Toy and Model Soldier manufacturer 'Tradition of London Ltd' for around 28 years now, which I just realised on writing this, that is pretty much the same length of time that my father worked for them!

Last year I was very pleased to be asked to do the sculpts for their new WW1 Armistice Set pictured below.

The set is now available painted Toy Soldier style, or as a kit of metal parts or as individual figures/parts.

The table and chairs were drawn on my laptop then 3D printed to create the masters, this process has quickly become part of my sculpting armoury.

Please click on the photo to go to the Tradition of London website.

I am always very pleased to receive photos showing how modellers have used my figures. I have been sent two contributions this month.

Anja and Bernd Kaufmann had used my 1/43 'Mother and Pram' in their scene with DORFAN cars from the twenties together with a station made by Fandor.

John Phillips kindly sent me photos of my 1/43 GWR CMEs (And Sir John Betjeman) with detailed painting underway.

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