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Scales and Gauges

As mentioned before in these posts, 3D drawing and printing is gradually becoming a large part of my working day. I am nearing the point where most of my figure design will be on my laptop while watching tv in the warm instead of out in the workshop getting my hands dirty. Another big advantage is having 3D prints of the same figures in all the main model scales, leaving just the final detailing to be done, in metal, in the workshop. In the old days each different scale would have to be modelled from scratch. This is a photo of Victoria and Albert in scales from 1/30 down to 1/152. They are off to the printers and I await the results. The finished figures will be sold as pewter castings as at present.

At the other end of the scales I recently drew a 23cm tall figure in 3D to commission, hollow inside with front and back attached by pegs. Much quicker than building it up in metal as I used to do.

A recent surprise was the appearance of some of my OO figures in the Great British Model Railway challenge. My Victorian ladies were out for a walk alongside a river on one of the layouts.

Last time I spotted my figures on tv was in the Big Brother House a few years ago in the form of an eggcup.

Finally John Phillips sent me some lovely images of my figures on his friends 1/43 'Heyside' layout. It is so well done with superb painting that it makes you wonder what they are all talking about!

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