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2021, Onwards and Upwards?

Andrew C Stadden Blog Post 51

A Happy New Year to all my customers and visitors to my website.

My first 2021 figures in production will be 1/76 scale Sets OO14 and OO15 Mid Victorian People. The moulds should be back from the mould makers any day now, in fact they just arrived as I was writing this! They use the same 3D drawings as the matching 1/152 and 1/43 sets so this shows the advantage of being able to 3D print in any scale. Although using 3D technology, I will be casting them in pewter as per my existing figures.

In a further development, last week I bought a 3D resin printer, the recent deals available were too good to turn down. I've not had a chance to do much with it yet, other than print a few things to prove it will do what I want it to do, so watch this space.

OO14 Mid Victorian People

OO15 Mid Victorian Seated People

More OO news I have recently painted one of my OO5 Sets, as I had an order for a Christmas present.

I've had a lot of painting to do recently, my painting bench has been pretty full, but this lot are close to being finished.

Another Christmas present order was a 1/43 scale commission of two of my customers on their Wedding Day, part of the agreement was that I can sell these figures in the future so castings will be available soon.

Finally, Danny Vanstraelen from Belgium is building a model of the Liverpool and Manchester Railways Edge Hill Station, and he kindly sent me some photos of his painted figures (my set OO9) painted in acrylics.


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