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A Job Half Done

My workshop has become home to a steadily increasing number of unfinished projects, and with the extra work time afforded by Covid and my current circumstances, it seemed a good opportunity to finish some of them off. The first were the 1/43 O scale '1860s People 01' which went into production a couple of months ago, which have now been followed by the matching '1860s Seated People 01'

These two sets were drawn in 3D on my laptop, and 3D printed before I turned them into metal masters. I also had the same twenty figures 3D printed into 1/152, 1/120, 1/87, 1/76, 1/64 and 1/30 scales, so I need to crack on and get them all into production sooner rather than later.

I also have a lot of figures drawn in 3D ready to go through the same process. These are mostly Victorian Loco Crews and some Edwardian people all with separate arms and heads.

Moving onto figures that I have already made in metal, I have 1/76 OO scale Stroudley and Brunel which were intended to be a set of railway characters.

Then a set of 1/76 OO scale 1860s enginemen which were started but only two of them completely finished so far.

Also the three 1/87 HO scale sets of Loco Crews to match OO11, OO12 and OO13 need to be done.

Moving on to 1/152 N scale the Titanic Crew set is finally up to ten figures and ready to go. These would be an easy conversion to railway station staff so that is on the list too.

There is also a ten figure 1/152 Fish Market Set nearly done, to be followed by an Edwardian Wedding Set. Both of these were started years ago but not completed.

So plenty to get on with!

Nichola Evans has been using my set of children HO8 in her dolls house models. She sent me a photo of her amazing painting of a figure which is around 10mm tall.

Nick Dunhill was kind enough to send me photos of his superb 1/43 locomotive build, painted and lined by Warren Haywood with my Loco Crew painted by Evan Griffiths. Wonderful stuff!

Finally a couple of images from Ron Maxfield. Firstly his superb Courthouse building, with some of my 1/43 figures, hopefully not waiting to go up before the Judge!

And also a Temple, where, on the right hand side, Dugald Drummond has been converted into a Rabbi!


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