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Covid, The Sequel

29/03/2023 Blog Post 54

Covid hasn't gone away, I know because I've just had it for the second time, exactly a year after the first time. Not quite so bad as before, but with London Marathon in a few weeks, I hope my lungs get back to normal quickly!

These days, because it's so easy to communicate electronically, I don't have much face to face contact with the people I work for. However, back in February I had a visit from Erik Lindmark, the owner of Tradition of London. It was great to meet him for the first time, and he had travelled from Stockholm to spend a few days in the UK. Over lunch in Arundel we discussed the history of Norman Newton Ltd/Tradition and lots of new projects for the future.

I had recently sculpted some 54mm Royal Company of Archers figures for Tradition, which are now in production.

The recent Royal Mail cyber attack caused a lot of problems for several weeks and for a while I was unable to post any of my international orders. Luckily my customers were very understanding and although the postal service took a while to catch up I believe things are pretty much back to normal now.

A big thank you to everyone affected for your patience.

Here are a couple of photos of a recent order for 1/43 scale painted loco crews, the first of which was a special request for head swapping between sets.

Here is a recent example from the constant stream of my fathers old 85mm figures in for repair and painting. This one had the dog chain missing and was a bit bent and battered but after a bit of attention and a repaint it's good as new again.

Just to prove that my 1/76 scale figures don't always end up on model railways, I was sent some lovely photos from Susan in the USA, of a Christmas Village that she had been creating. It's a bit too late to say Merry Christmas now but she's done a great job!


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