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Progress Made

I've made progress on these new early Victorian figures quicker than expected, and this afternoon they were sent off for 3D printing in five different scales. More scales will follow, but for the moment I'll have enough to do to create the pewter master figures when the prints return.

All this 19th Century activity encouraged me to look through my fathers old invoice copies to find out when he made the Driver and Fireman master figures for the old Triang OO gauge 'Rocket' which was sold from 1963 to 1969. The answer was 25th April 1963 almost 56 years ago. There are some good photos of this set at

a website I have no connection with I just found them by googling today.

Any information about G Erik would be of interest as my father did a fair amount of work for him at that time. £8 each looks like great value!


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