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Update - Job Half Done

A quick update on my last Blog post, as some of the 1/152 scale 2mm/ft figures are now ready to go into production. These are sets which I started some years ago, and I'm currently making a big effort to complete them. This is all outside my normal working hours, as there isn't a lot else to do at the moment!

The first ten figures are 1/152 Edwardian Station Staff to match the sets I made some years ago in 1/76 and 1/87. These were an quick conversion from the Titanic Crew pictured in my last Blog post.

Followed by 1/152 scale 1860s People using the same 3D drawings as my recent 1/43 set, but scaled down. They will be followed closely by the 1860s Seated set.

And next 1/152 scale Fish Market Workers. I was asked to make the six women about 4 years ago for an order, so I thought I'd add four men and turn it into a set.

After all these are on sale from my webshop in a few weeks I'll be moving up in scale to complete some of my HO and OO sets. I'll keep you posted.


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