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Stadden Pewter Figure Repairs

New figures in the renowned Chas C Stadden 85mm range are now unobtainable, and I receive

many enquiries asking if I can repair or repaint damaged examples.

As the original polished, painted and kit figures were all manufactured in pewter, almost any repair can be achieved. I have a limited number of spare parts, and I can also make other missing parts from scratch.

I do not use solder or glue, consequently making the repaired figure as strong as it was originally.


 If you would like a Stadden figure repaired, painted or both -
Email a photo of your figure to,
I will then let you know if I can do the repair, and how much it will cost.

If you then want to go ahead send your figure to 

Andrew C Stadden, 14 Brougham Grove, Angmering, Littlehampton 

West Sussex, BN16 4PP, UK

Please use a sturdy box with plenty of room to accommodate packing for the repaired

figure on the way back to you, as I will use the box that you send.

Repaired figures often need a lot more room as parts can be fragile.

I will use the same Royal Mail postage as you do so please add the postage cost

onto the quote for repairing the figure.

Payment in advance please by cheque with the parcel, or by PayPal to

The simplest repairs commissioned have been re-attaching or replacing broken rifle barrel ends

while the image below shows replacement of a missing pack and rifle from a polished HP034

Typically customers have bought damaged figures from Ebay and asked for them to be repaired, sometimes buying polished figures on the larger polished pewter base and asking for it to be replaced by the painted version (the one with the front scroll and lettering)

The figure can then be painted to fill a gap in a painted Stadden figure collection

All repairs are possible with these figures, please email with photos of your damaged figure, and I will provide you with further details and a quote for the work required

1. Old pewter figure - damage repaired, replacement base, undercoated ready for painting

2. Old pewter figure - broken colour (flag) repaired, replacement base, undercoated ready for painting

3. Badly painted figure - paint stripped, damage repaired, undercoated ready for painting

4. Badly painted figure - paint stripped, damage repaired, undercoated ready for painting

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